Top 10 Best Android & iOS 2020 Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games are getting more popular these days like Minecraft fortnight and many more and everyone wants to play them so today on NadiTech we’ve picked the 10 best multiplayer games that you can play with your friends so without further ado let’s get into it let’s get started

1. Frontline Guard

We have fortnight Guard World War two it’s a free-to-play multiplayer mobile shooter game set in the period of world war two in which two teams of up to five players go head-to-head in exciting three-minute battles the team that has the most frags when time runs out wins this game has great graphics similar to the Team Fortress 2 although you’ll start the game with only a submachine gun shotgun ant baseball bat you can unlock many more weapons as you level up overall frontline guard is an excellent multiplayer shooter with a great game experience that’s reminiscent of old school shooters.

2. Ride Out Heroes

We have ride out heroes it’s a battle royale game similar to PU BGM and Co DM but this game is different because players get to choose different characters at the start of the match which has different abilities and each character has its own weapons and four abilities in terms of visual perspective graphics are really good and smooth music and sound effects are designed well to the user interface looks cool and reminds us a fortnight the game also offers you amount system in which you can summon amount which can be a dinosaur-bird or a sled dog to travel around the map which seems to be pretty convenient.

3. Project war mobile

The project war mobile it’s an online multiplayer shooting mobile game it gives a new experience in mobile action games through its unique graphics animation and controls it offers story mode as well as competitive gameplay with lots of guns and weapon options the story mode tells you about the zombie scum and how they came to be players will play the role of an operative genetically bred and explore the mystery of the undead you’ll get to explore new stories as well as the changing seasons in competitive play players fight against other players from all around the world in various modes such as team deathmatch control and free for all.

4.Warface global operations

Warfaced global operation it’s a multiplayer shooting game that focuses on the classic team deathmatch mode in competitive play two teams of up to five players get to face each other inside settings that were specifically designed to deliver a perfectly balanced PvP experience the graphics are pretty well done and are particularly impressive in the morning overall war fees is an FPS multiplayer that’s definitely worth your while it has an outstanding graphics section and a super entertaining and straightforward game system plus more content is added with every upgrade.

5. Phantom : tang dynasty

We have phantoms Tang Dynasty it’s an MMO role-playing game with high-quality 3d graphics and immersive cinematic animations at the start of the game players can choose to play as one of the four available classes sword master Ritualist wind dancer or gladiator as you progress further into the game each of these classes can further branch out to a total of eight subclasses gameplay-wise it’s mostly similar to other mobile MMO you can follow through the main questline to level up or participate in other side quests or daily events to further strengthen your character.

6. Tuning club online

Tuning Club online this is a free-to-play online multiplayer racing game developed by two-headed shark in the game players will not need to drive with invented BOTS or ghost riders because here the developers offer you a real online game in which you can take an active part with your friends or create rooms and challenge your friends for the title of best rider.

7.Dead by Daylight

We have dead by dead light this game is the perfect adaptation of one of the most popular horror multiplayer games on the mobo devices similar to its PC and console versions survivors try escaping from an assassin who possesses supernatural powers and obviously like any other game your enemies will try their best to get rid of you all but here’s the twist the assassin plays in an FPP mode while survivors play in a TPP mode which is a plus point for the survivors.

8.Marvel super war

Play spot goes to Marvel’s super war it’s an online multiplayer mo ba game from a gameplay perspective Nettie’s didn’t want to experiment too much they pretty much took all the best things from other popular mobiles on the market added some flavor of their own and neatly assembled everything together to create their own game aesthetically the game looks amazing the level of detail on all of the characters is simply astounding the developers definitely did their homework and they presented all of the characters with a comic book accuracy overall the game is incredibly fun and addictive and is a nice addition to the mobile mo ba scene.

9. ‌Battle prime

We have battle Prime the trend of the third-person shooter games is flourishing and in this race, the blitz team has not been left behind and has released its six versus six epic online shooter battle prime for both Android and iOS devices it’s an excellent multiplayer shooter game with powerful visuals and a customizable control system that is well suited for touchscreen devices in the game battles usually last for five minutes in which two teams consisting of six players each face each other and the first team to reach a hundred points wins the match.

10. Shadow Gun war

Finally, at number one we have shadow gun war, it’s a tactical multiplayer first-person shooter mobile game which offers competitive gameplay gorgeous graphics unique heroes and abilities stunning maps thrilling game modes and various other features the game will feature heroes from across the series in 5vs5 capture the flag skirmishes much like other hero shooters war games characters each Come with special weapons and skills and develop tactics to achieve victory with your teammates.

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