How To Factory Reset Google Pixel 4

Hey Guy’s in this Article I’m gonna show you how to hard reset your Google pixel 4 or 4 XL hey there my name’s Nadeem with NadiTech.

I do tech reviews and tutorials so if you haven’t subscribed already go ahead to receive notifications on my future Articles let’s get right to the Article now alright so a hard reset is something you may want to do if your phone is acting up maybe you just want to erase everything on your phone back to factory condition maybe your phone has a virus maybe it’s like not working properly so you want to just reset everything on the phone back to its factory condition also maybe your phone has a password and you can get into it a lock screen password you can do a factory reset and it will erase that so that you can log back into your phone and start using it normally again so I’m gonna show you two methods to do it first let’s go ahead and do it through the settings and then I’ll show you how to do it with the phone powered off so in settings scroll down all the way to where it says system then here in system we’re gonna go towards just advanced and then here in advanced we’re gonna have an option that says reset options so that’s what we’re gonna use the erase all data is the option to do the factory reset also known as a hard reset so factory reset here it’s gonna ask you to confirm by hitting erase all data and it’s letting you know that everything is gonna be erased so make sure you do backup anything that you don’t want deleted because everything will be deleted so once you’re ready go ahead and hit erase all data and then it’s gonna ask you to come from one more time and hit erase all data once you do that the reset process will begin and it will take maybe about a minute or two.

Alright so let’s go ahead and power the phone off so I can show you now how to do the hard reset with the phone powered off so in case you have a password and you can’t get into the settings you’ll be able to do it like this so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna press and hold volume down and the power button and we’re gonna hold them together so let’s go ahead and do that now for a few seconds volume down and power button.

once you see this screen up here let go of all the buttons this is the fastboot mode so here we’re gonna scroll around with the volume toggle here we’re gonna scroll till it says recovery mode right here rescue mode recovery mode there you go once you see recovery mode confirm with the power button so it’s gonna log the phone now straight into this Android with recovery mode.

So what we’re gonna do once you see this Android is you’re gonna hold the power button for about two seconds quickly tap the volume up button and then let go of both buttons so hold the power button for about two seconds and tap power up let’s do it now and once you let em them go it will bring you into the Android recovery mode which is what you see right here and enjoyed recovery so here we’re gonna just scroll down with the volume button to wipe data/factory reset’ which is right here once you have it selected just press the power button to confirm and then here it’s asking you to confirm one more time scroll down to factory data reset and hit the power button and the reset.

process will begin you’re gonna wait till it says that’ll wait complete down here there you go that’ll complete everything was erased in the phone so now we’re just gonna press the power button to confirm reboot system now there will just restart the phone and the phone will be erased back to its factory condition so this is gonna take about a minute or two and then once it’s done the phone will be wiped completely [Music] and there you go pretty quick this Google pixel is a very fast phone so it’s done so yeah all you have to do now is just follow these steps here to activate your phone and start using it normally again it was erased back to factory conditions so yeah that is how you factory reset also known as a hard reset your Google pixel.

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