How to Play PUBG LITE on PC for Free

Hey there guys welcome to this video this is almost NadiTech and in this video, I’m going to show you how to play up G light on your PC for free so what is pop G light is basically a lighter version of pop G PC which is free or PC right now and it’s basically free right now the open beta is going on in Thailand so I will be showing you how to play this game if you’re not in Thailand because if you are in Thailand it’s pretty much simple just apply for ID and just get it done login downloader so I’m going to show you how to do it if you are not in Thailand so this is basically a pub GPC that is lower in size that has fewer textures is less detailed but the overall gunplay mechanisms the gameplay and all the other recalls and stuff everything is just similar to pop G PC this is not pop G mobile in any way ok so let’s get started.

So, first of all, you will have to get a VPN so for this video I’m using not VPN which is a paid service but don’t worry I got you stick with me bear with me by the end of this video I will show you a free VPN that you can use you get yourself of GE light ok so let’s get started so the first step will connect your VPN to a Thailand server I will show you for those who are into free VPNs how we show you in the end how to do it so for now just connect to a Thailand server and go to apply for ID and all you need to do is just sign up yeah just sign up I will not show you how to sign up because I know you know how to sign up so just sign up that’s it after doing that you have to confirm your email.

How to Play PUBG LITE on PC for Free

Just do that and log into your account so go to accounts that pop chicom and log into your account, by the way, don’t worry all the links will be given in the description you did not worry about any links oh and then you need to link your steam account with your pop G account okay this account you have to link it with a steam account it’s pretty simple you will know how to do it ok so after doing that we have to go for downloading so these are the system requirements as you can see there’s a pretty low like even the recommended system requirements are pretty low for a PC of today and the minimum requirements are away good like I bet most pcs of today can play this game easily at 60fps like most species I can guarantee you that okay let’s just you’ll download the file 25 seconds okay I’m downloading it over the VPN right now well it’s gonna take some time but you don’t necessarily have to download this over VPN you just have to sign up through VPN okay so by the time these downloads I will show you something else.

What you need to do in order to get your game working because it wasn’t working for me and the first time I tried to play but what I did was I had to go to their just date and time and I had to change my time zone to Bank up or if the game wasn’t just simply working for me okay so if it doesn’t work for you this might help just try this by setting these two settings to off and change your time zone to Bangkok this is taking too much time if so the download is finally over so all you need to do is install it the installation is pretty much simple this might come up just click on more info and click run anyway you do not feel anything here but by the way I still have my VPN connected during this process but you don’t have to I’ll tell you when you need your VPN to be on just like this if you need the desktop icon like this next and if I click on this the game will start installing but I already have it installed so I won’t install it now yeah okay so let’s get into the next step so the next step will be trying to get the game to work now you have to turn on your VPN by the way you have to turn on your VPN and connect your talent server let’s turn on the game.

I’ll enter my password so let me tell you the game size is about 1.9 gb so if you’re using a VPN it could take a bit of time because VPNs are slow as you know that you need to click on this when you first start you need to click on this to start the download and now I’ll just click on this again to play the game because my downloading installation is pretty much done you as you can see this is not your typical pubsey mobile this is actual pop GPC developed for PC this game is developed for PC this is not emulation this is straight-up PC yeah like if you have been playing pop GPC for a long time you know you know it okay so this will come up just click on accept so I have to enter my nickname
let’s say Black Star for the win [Music] so anything is fine just create any character so this looks like you learned so I’m going to go to with her so that’s it you can just start your game up here just click on starting find matches I’m not going to play a match right now I’m just going to code you get it yep that’s the issue yep it takes some time to quit so that’s it guys that’s it that’s how you play Bob G light on your PC for free but now for those friends ok those friends who wanted a free VPN I got you fam I got you those who are watching for the free VPN part here it is so you need to head over to Open VPN dotnet and go to community element downloads

download this Windows installer version just install it and that’s it just download and install you it’s pretty much easy to install just click on next next next and finish that’s it ok so the next you need to do is head over to VP and get dotnet and here you’ll find plenty of IPs but we are searching for tile and IPS all right so I have downloaded this just click on your Open VPN config file just click on here this button and this will be downloaded so just showing a follow yep so we need to copy paste or cut paste do whatever you do whatever you’re comfortable wait I don’t care and head over to the place where you have downloaded and installed Open VPN go to the config folder and just paste it there that’s it you need to do is turn on your OpenVPN GUI okay so it was already running yeah but now you just need to hit connect and it should start connecting okay so my VPN is connected right now to Thailand so that’s it with free VPNs the speed isn’t that great let me check my IP if it’s actually changed I’m okay so this is my public IP let’s check my pin formation right now I was in India in the previous video you should have seen that okay fuck this fuck you this should work out in that thing load up okay just quickly load up man I soslow yep yep yep yep it says my location is file Thailand so that’s it now you have a free VPN with you mind you again the speed will be slow but you can do it so that’s it guys that’s all you needed to do to play pop G light and I’ve also shown how to get the free VPN.

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