Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games 2020

Hey what’s up guys this is someone here from NadiTech and these are 10 games you will want to play on your Nintendo switch but before we begin don’t forget to subscribe if you don’t want to miss out on some more upcoming content and now let’s get this article started

1.The Witcher 3

First up we have The Witcher 3 The Witcher 3 is such a demanding game that even in handle mode it has to run at a mere 5 and 40 P instead of the switches between native scimitar and 20 P but that’s really a distraction while certain sacrifices such as decreased draw distance and lower quality textures are noticeable on the small screen and are more visible in certain areas than others but they do little to degrade the experience in a meaningful way.

2.Sniper Elite 3

Next up we have Sniper Elite 3 this game takes every bit of content the original release enjoyed including the single-player campaign all the subsequent DLC missions and all the multiplayer and co-op modes and wraps it all up in one delicious portable package Sniper Elite 3 also gets all the DLC released post-launch including a few more hours of content on top of the main package it also gets additional modes that add a nice dollop of replay value3

3. Grid Autosport

Next up we have grid Autosport gets a second chance to make a first impression and it’s a strong one there’s a lot of racing for your money here and it’s varied too this variety is the central focus of the game rather than keeping in a bunch of different rates types and forcing you to play through all of them grids career mode is split up into a bunch of smaller seasons and lets you choose which of its five disciplines you want to take on each time you start a new one.

4.Pokemon Sword

Next up we have pokemon sword and shield pokemon sword and shield starts off just like any other pokemon game the player is sent on a quest to defeat all the game leaders in the region after receiving a start-up pokemon to train streamline though it may be the new games actually give players the biggest opportunity yet to explore the world as it includes a brand new wild area with different zones and terrains players will discover many types of Pokemon on the travels without even realizing that they are stumbled into a new region.

5.The Sinking City

Next up we have the sinking city is all about investigation as a beleaguered investigator drawn to the flooded city of Oakmont an area that is seemingly unmapped Bowl and almost impossible to find which has all but derailed in any attempts at relief aid you find yourself attempting to solve your own demented trauma following your service in the Great War with multiple districts to explore including by boat in order to reach areas clarify the seemingly supernatural floods you will begin to piece together a connection between the flood the nightmarish visions and the horrors that infest the city.

6. The War of Mine

Next up we have the war of mine a Civil War survival sim set in a fictional country called Graz Navia it sees desperate civilians holding up as best as they can in a city under siege you will face nightly raids plummeting temperatures hunger sickness disease and depression suffice it to say then it’s the polar opposite of Nintendo’s first-party output but 11-bit Studios nails the feeling of desolation and despair it’s going for next up we have mark of the ninja mark of the ninja follows the story of a nameless ninja sometimes referred to as the champion on a quest with his fellow ninja aura to slay the evil count corrosion for attacking the Hazama clan with his private military group it may not be a terribly emotional plot but it is certainly engaging and well-paced with much of this being due to the excellent voice work and cutscenes.

7.Thief of Thieves

Next up we have thief of thieves season 1 is a hybrid game of sorts at times it’s a stealth game than a point-and-click adventure game that includes visual puzzles at other times you will need to pick from dialogue choices much like the beloved telltale games the game plays out mostly as flashbacks where you will play mostly as saliyah theme of TV season 1 is a beautiful comic book storyboard cutscenes and top-notch voice acting next up we have jet Cave adventure is a platformer game that immediately throws up Donkey Kong Country vibes though this is mainly because of his jungle setting cave can run jump and use his club to attack enemies and at first that’s about it until you discover the jetpack early in the game once you get this you acquire two new moves that will go on to be the base for most of the platforming you encounter in the game.

8.Overcooked! 2

Next up we have overcooked to overcooked is a fun action game about chefs scrambling to get food orders off the door overcooked is a goofy chaotic and refreshingly original title there was a wonderful addition to the switch the story of this game is just as delightfully silly as in the predecessor keeping to the overall humorous and light-hearted tone that you would expect after successfully averting the cataclysm of the great spaghetti monster The Onion Knight and his loyal chefs must now battle a new threat the terrifying on red horde so that was it for this article guys do leave a thumbs up if you liked it don’t forget subscribe.

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