Apple iOS 12 has 12 hidden features in 2020

1.You Can Measure Real-World Objects

Thanks to Apple’s new ARKit 2.0, the camera on your iPhone helps you to calculate real-world items such as tables and desks. The New Measure app lets you measure flat rectangle surfaces simply by drawing a line on the live camera view. The incredible feature of this app is that if you just point your camera to an object, it will automatically detect the edges and count the distance on its own as well.

2.Manage Notification Settings from Lock Screen

Today, right from the notification screen, you can monitor notification settings for a device. You can turn off notifications for an app, hide it from Lock Screen and more without going to Settings. If you’re not using an app or interacting with a notification, Siri will even suggest that you turn off notifications for the app.

3. Force-Closing Apps Is Just a Swipe Up

If you have an iPhone X, you know what a pain in the ass it is to force-close an app. You had to first access the app switcher, just like you would on other iPhones (though, it’s a swipe gesture not a double-click of the Home button), then press-and-hold an app card to bring up the red minus buttons. Then, you’d either tap the red minus buttons or swipe up on the card. Now, it’s just like other iPhone models where you just access the app switcher and swipe up on the card no more pressing and holding first! You can even swipe up multiple cards at the same time.

4. You Can Create Your Own Shortcuts

With the new “Shortcuts” app, you’ll be able to create your own Siri shortcuts so you can quickly start meditating with your favorite app using only an assigned shortcut. While we haven’t found the Shortcuts app yet, you can go into the “Siri & Search” settings and pick and choose from a few recommended shortcuts based on your current usage. When you add one, you can then type a new phrase for it that you can use with Siri. It is useful. Now if you are enjoying this video then please like the video right now, I appreciate that.

5. You Can View ‘Screen Time’ Data

As part of the Digital Health program, “Screen Time” offers a daily and weekly overview of your app’s use, how often you pick up your device, which apps are delivering you the most notifications, and more.

6. App limitations Let The Real World Enjoy You

You can use the “Time Limits” menu as part of Digital Health to set time limits for individual apps that you regularly use. Reminders will tell you that you’re almost out of time for using the app, though you can ignore it if necessary. It syncs across all of your iOS devices, so you can’t cheat with another device using a timed-out app.

7. Parents Have More Control

Thanks to the App Limits feature, parents can now set a number of app limits on iOS devices for their children. Families can plan downtime that prevents children from fully using the iOS device at set times, such as bedtime. They can also see app limits per app or by app categories. There’s also the ability to set some apps to always work. And, like you already could before, you can restrict websites, apps, etc. based on age.

8.Safari Prevents Data Collection

While some mechanisms are already in place to keep your data safe from third-party advertisers, Safari in iOS 12 goes a step further by preventing sharing buttons and comment widgets on webpages from tracking you without your permission. In addition to that, advertisers can’t acquire your device’s unique characteristics. What that means is that they won’t be able to target ads based on your device model, and they don’t be able to retarget ads across the web.

9. Secure Passwords involves Applications & Safari

This is an extra reason why you would possibly need to ditch LastPass or another third-party watchword manager. Complex passwords are automatically generated and stored in hunting expeditions and applications for all your apps and websites in line with Apple Unique so that you can access them. be able to use safer passwords while not having to recollect a factor.

10. Tongue Detection in Animoji

You can currently stick your tongue out despite that emoji you’re exploitation. There’s additionally wink detection.

11.Effects in Messages Camera

When you open the camera from the Messages app, you’ll see a bit Effects icon within the bottom-left. You can add a filter here, any sticker, Animoji, or Memoji here. this can be an extremely cool thanks to sending fun photos and videos in iMessages, particularly once you’re obtaining Memoji within the camera read, live.

12.OTP Autofill

This new feature is going to be a game-changer for people who use Two Factor Authentication. iOS will now automatically fill in one-time passcodes received over SMS. No need to copy and paste 6 digit codes, or recall them.. That’s pretty much it guys, I discovered this much new Delightful hidden features that Apple didn’t talk about during keynote but you get these features in iOS 12. If I missed any best features please comment down below I’ll love to see. Thank you so much for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.

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